Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Nerves or Hot Flashes?

Honestly, I really thought that since I started having peri-menopausal symptoms so early that it would end early too! A couple weeks ago I noticed that the night sweats and hot flashes seemed to have petered out a bit. I thought Hallelujah...  it's over! Well, the last couple of days they seem to have returned with a vengeance! As a matter of fact, they seem to be happening on the hour today. Then it dawned on me... maybe it's just nerves.

See... I have my first author reading/book signing tonight and the butterflies have begun. I guess the little fellas were cold because the hot simmer under the skin is joining the party. Oh well, I'll have lots of copies of the book to fan myself with (hopefully a lot fewer at the end of the evening).

If you're in Halifax, NS and want to 'come go mental with me' tonight (July 2nd) I'll be at the Keshen Goodman Library (in Clayton Park) at 7 pm.

Tomorrow night (July 3) I'll be at Stayner's Wharf from 4-6 pm signing books and raffling off goodies as well.  Everyone's invited.

Here's a little tune to entertain you whether you're coming or not. I've decided it's my Mental Pause theme song ... love Boy George!:

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