Thursday, 13 June 2013

Amazon Reviewer Compares Mental Pause with Thelma and Louise!

Okay... I have to share this review because it got me grinning from ear to ear! I'm pink with delight!
Anne ;)
5.0 out of 5 stars Fast and furious! March 15, 2013


First of all, it elaborates on a very real and misunderstood medical condition that is more often the brunt of jokes rather than sympathy. Menopause is a life-altering change to the human body and this book combines that aspect with how it affects the soul of the body. In this book, Abbie will take you through this change and more!

With a Thelma and Louise type of abandon (minus the abuse), the character is confused at whether she is being redefined or being smothered under the change. I can only hope to have the support she has because without it, this change in life can/will change a person's life itself forever. You can/will lose friends and family and even lose your sanity. So, it makes perfect sense that the book developed from a girl read to a murder mystery. Entertaining as high-speed all the time, this is a one-two sitter. That means you'll read it in one-two sittings.

It's educational to those whom have yet to experience menopause and it should be given to your husband so that he can understand that the craziness is to be expected.

The author does an incredibly detailed job of explaining and describing symptoms and emotions. While reading this, you will also experience this. Fact. You can't help it. The author plants things into your mind so that the depth of the symptoms are at least attainable. A glimpse of the unknown and a touch of the hem of the garment of the robe.

With Thelma and Louise I was able to connect deeply deeply deeply with the characters and unbelievably I did so with the same depth in this book with Abbie. The author writes very well and any formatting errors were few and far between. I did not find this distracting because I expect that with ANY book from anyone even J.R. Tolkien I mean come on we are all only human.

At times a bit gritty but not dark at all. It's not what I would call a light read, but a fast read. It wasn't light, but I still read it fast because it was intense and I HAD to know where the author was taking me. It's really that simple, she writes a story like a pirate makes a treasure hunt; the treasure is elusive but the clues are excitedly honing you in and you will work feverishly to get there. Try to read it any other way lol.

I don't even know how to place this in a genre so I'm having to split it as a Crime Drama/Family/Mystery/'s a weird combo but it works.


  1. Excellent! To be compared to the likes of Thelma and Louise is no small feat.

  2. Thanks Jeri! It still makes me blush when I read it :)