Monday, 3 March 2014

Top 10 Places to Turn when the Night Sweats are too Much

I have never been one for turning to self-help books when the world around me or inside me for that matter, seemed to be a little off-balance... that's what girlfriends and the kitchen table are for, right? However, when the peri-menopausal demon reared his (her?) ugly head, I still turned to the old stand-by remedies but also sought out resources to help me come to grips with what was happening (and also to help confirm my suspicions when doing research for my book, Mental Pause). I thought I would share my Top 10 favorites (not in any particular order):

  1. Menopause Matters - a great website, which also has a facebook page and regular newsletter
  2. Menopause ChitChat - also a combo of resources and references to keep you reading for hours!
  3. Menopause Sucks! - a hugely popular Facebook page
  4. The Wisdom of Menopause - Dr. Christiane Northrup - book, website, FB page, Twitter, etc!
  5. Menopause in Manhattan by Anne Kleinburg - the first novel I found on the topic that convinced me that there really was a market!
  6. Menopause Talk - a little more on the serious side
  7. It's Not Menopause, I'm Just Like This - Maxine's Guide to Aging Disgracefully
  8. The Menopause Exchange
  9. Menopause, the Musical - if you haven't seen it and it comes to your town, you've got to go!
  10. The Road to Menopause - Minnie Pauz cartoons by artist Dee Adams 

Feel free to add your favorites... come on... don't be shy!

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