Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Mental Pause - Chapter 8 (excerpt)

            “Hi hon. Did you sleep okay?” Conrad kissed her on the cheek she offered him distractedly. “I must have been dog tired. I barely remember you coming back to bed. How was your walk?”
            “My walk? Oh, it was fine.” Abbie tugged at her hair to make sure her new tattoo was covered. She had finally taken the bandage off realizing it looked even more conspicuous. Her hair covered it just fine as long as it was pulled forward. She didn’t need the lecture just yet.
            “On the way?  Where are you going?” Conrad stood between Abbie and the door so she had little choice but to stop and have the conversation.
            “To Rachel’s. Remember I told you that we were doing a girl’s night tonight and I was going to stay over with her? You’re working tonight anyways so you said you didn’t mind.”
            “Oh right. Why so early?”
            “Um… you know us girls. Any opportunity to have a gab session.” She skirted around him, grabbed a buttered bagel that he had left on the counter, took a bite and said a muffled, “Later guys,” with a wave over her shoulder.
            Abbie practically ran to her car and started it before she even had the door closed. She plugged in her hands-free while backing out of the driveway and punched Rachel’s number on speed-dial. She jammed it into first gear and squealed the tires.

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