Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Mental Pause - Chapter 3 (excerpt)

Author's Note: I'm only sharing a short snippet today. Next week I'll make up for it with a special treat!  I have chosen the cover design and will reveal it here so, until then, here's this week's chapter excerpt:

The alarm jolted her out of a very erotic dream. Joan had been in it and so had Rachel. There were limbs everywhere. She couldn’t tell whose were whose but it didn’t matter. Skin glistened, laughter peeled and hearts raced. Even awake, Abbie’s heart was racing. She hoped she hadn’t been talking (or moaning) in her sleep. What an insane dream. It was amazing how a little bit of information and a slight nudge can make the subconscious go wild.
Then she saw the shopping bag sitting on her dresser. She pictured the slinky little deep purple number inside that she had bought to wear ‘out on the town’ after Joan and Rachel assured her that it didn’t show her muffin top. It had a swooping panel with pleats from hip to hip to camouflage the bulges that had formed almost overnight after she hit her mid-forties. It had a scooped neckline with a built in push up bra that the girls insisted made her boobs look perky. It had been a while since Abbie would have described them that way so she let her friends talk her into buying it, along with matching stilettos. She wasn’t sure how she was going to walk in those but they did make her legs look great. Her legs were the one feature that Abbie still liked on her body.
            After they had dropped Joan off when they were finished their shopping excursion, Rachel confirmed that yes, Joan was gay and had shared it with their singles group on day one.  It was the reason her marriage had broken down. She had told the group that she had been suppressing it all her life. When she finally recognized why she always felt so out of place everywhere she went; why she felt stifled in her relationship; and finally left her husband, she blossomed. 
            Abbie was dying to know more and hoped there would be more stories shared in the day ahead... 

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